A2 Naturals Agnihotra Dhoop Stick


A2 Natural Agnihotra Dhoop stick is made using Malnad gidda cow dung
No added Prefume, Chemical free, 100% natural
Charcoal free & wood husk free

Ingredients: Malnad Gidda Cow dung, Gaumutra, Ghee, Camphor, Unpolished rice, Nagarmotha & Loban

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Ingredients: Malnad Gidda Cow dung, Gaumutra, Ghee, Camphor, Unpolished rice, Nagarmotha & Loban

10 Benfits of Agnihotra Dhoop Stick:-

1. Agnihothra Dhoop is the best energy purifier of Atmosphere the aromas of Dhoop purify the mind with its beautiful nature fragrances.
2. It also helps in cleansing of aura, eliminates the negative energy and destructive thoughts.
3. While doing pooja burn a Dhoop stick and offer to divinity, upon the accomplishment of pooja take dhoop on your hand and spread it over all at your house and around you, it will remove all negative vibes and energy around you.
4. It also works as a natural mosquito repellent
5. If we daily burn Dhoop stick and sit in front of it and inhales the fragrance of Loban, it helps to enhance the memory power
6. While meditations the benefits of Dhoop is long and clear to eliminates stress and unmaterial thoughts. The fragrance develops purity in air which creates space between your thoughts and mind.
7. Natural fragrances of Agnihothra dhoop has calming power that help to reduce the stress, Anxiety and tensions. Relieves headaches, fights depression.
8. Agnihothra Dhoop enhances concentration and focus at the time we are reading or performing meditation.
9. Agnihothra Dhoop sticks burn steadily and release soothing fragrances that calm our mind as well as create peaceful atmosphere in our home or wherever they are used.
10. It lasts for a long time and each stick burns for between 40 to 45 minutes.

Note: Use lamp or candle to burn Agnihothra dhoop stick hold it for 10 – 15sec for flame then place it over the given metal plate .

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16 pc


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